One anchor point shafts

Cantilever Shafts
Shafts with one anchor point are designed to ease coil replacements. They are most suited for light-weight rolls.
Axial displacing Shafts with a fixed knob
Cantilever shafts ease loading and unloading coil operations. The possibility to displace axially gives an added value to the shafts since it enables the alignment of the coil's band while in motion. This specific model is capable of conducting such operations without stopping the machinery since it contains an exclusive system that neutralises the knob movement from the rest of the shaft.
Cantilever Shafts with simple axial displacing
Cantilever shafts with simple axial movement enable coil replacements through the use of a knob. Reel alignments can be done in an easy way, however, the machinery will have to be stopped, unless the reel's winding turn allows the opposite.
Cantilever shafts with a flanged end
Cantilever shafts with a flange at its end facilitates coil replacements and its locking system can be standardised for different formats. Changes from one format to another can be done in an efficient way.
High-resistance cantilever shafts
Even though cantilever shafts tend to be designed to withstand low weights, it is possible to increase the bearing capacity beyond the industry standards. At Ejematic we work with our clients to make this possible.