Our pneumatic expanding shafts

Meet Ejematic’s pneumatic expanding shafts. Supported by one or two anchor points and personalised to facilitate maintenance and replacement operations

Why should you choose pneumatic expanding shafts?

Pneumatic expanding shafts simplify the coil changing process, saving time and increasing productivity. Thanks to its internal air bladder they allow the perfect core centring and gripping. When the bladder inflates, it activates the expansion ledges along the shaft which adapts to the roll’s diameter.

Our Shafts

We manufacture lightweight and long-lasting expansive shafts, made of aluminium and stainless steel, with high resistant polyurethane air bladders. All our products come with a personalised exclusive system, which allows immediate maintenance and component replacements.

One anchor point shafts

The use of an axial displacement system in cantilever shafts simplifies the centring of the coil with no necessity to stop the machine. Changing and centring coils is faster and easier thanks to an internal mechanism and a knob equipped with an auto-locking system.

Two anchor point shafts

Two anchor point shafts are suitable to withstand heavy loads. Their simple connection to the machine enhances the coil’s loading and unloading operations and reduces downtimes.

Custom-made Shafts

At Ejematic we mainly work with standard coil diameters, however, due to our extensive experience and innovation capabilities, we are able to design and develop bespoke shafts.


Chucks: Made of fibre and tailored to the machine specifications, chucks ease coils placements. Our chucks adapt to different coil widths.

Brakes: Made of stainless steel and custom-made as per specifications, our drum or disk brake (either disk or pads) control the coil braking in the machine.

Inflator gun: With an ergonomic design, the gun inflates the shaft to expand and perfectly fit within the coil's mandril. Our Inflators guns contain a rubber hose that adapts neatly to the shafts inflating valve.

Replacement sets

Complete replacement set: Suitable for 3 inches shafts, it includes: 5 air bladders, 5 expansion ledges, 2 valves Suitable for 6 inches shafts, it includes: 6 air bladders, 6 expansion ledges, 2 valves.

Pneumatic replacement set: Suitable for 3 inches shafts, it includes: 5 air bladders and 2 valves Suitable for 6 inches shafts, it includes: 6 air bladders and 2 valves.