An exclusive anchor system at one shaft end

Fast reel changes with no need to pause production to centre the shaft

At Ejematic we are experts in pneumatic expanding shafts.

We manufacture expanding shafts for leading machinery in the packaging industry of food & beverages and pharmaceutical products, graphic arts industry and textile industry.

Industries we work with

Thanks to their lightweight and high-resistance properties, our pneumatic expanding shafts adapt to all kinds of machines that manufacture flexible packaging solutions for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry, as well as some branches of the textile and graphic arts industry.

Flexible Packaging Industry

Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical

Graphic Arts Industry


Other Industries

What are our competitive advantages?

Axial Displacement System

Ease and speed up the reel change. Thanks to its cantilever design the reel centring is made without the need to stop the machine.

Benefits of Expansive Technology

Pneumatic expanding shafts are cost and time effective. Obtain the perfect grip on the reel through the inflation of the internal air bladder. Only press the air valve to release and replace the coil.

Sistema de
desplazamiento axial

Facilita cambios de bobina rápidos. Gracias a su mecanismo de desplazamiento en eje volado, la alineación se realiza sin necesidad de parar la máquina.

Beneficios de la
tecnología expansible

Los ejes neumáticos de expansión ahorran tiempo y costes. Mediante el inflado de la cámara de aire interior, consiguen una sujeción firme a la bobina. Para cambiarla, basta con presionar la válvula de aire.

High resistant air bladder

The air bladder of our expanding shafts is made of high-quality and resistant polyurethane, ensuring a long service life of the product.


Our broad experience and quality of our products have enabled us to expand our activities worldwide.

Cámara de aire
muy resistente

La cámara de aire de nuestros ejes expansibles está fabricada con poliuretano de gran calidad y resistencia, que garantiza una larga vida útil.


La experiencia acumulada y la calidad de nuestros productos nos llevan a ampliar nuestro campo de actuación al mercado internacional.

About us

At Ejes Expansibles Ejematic SLwe specialised in manufacturing pneumatic expanding shafts, accessories and replacement parts. We provide high-quality products at competitive rates for the food & beverages and pharmaceutical packaging industry as well as the graphic arts and textile industry.
Since we launched in 2012, our cutting-edge solutions and technological developments have given our clients a competitive advantage. Our extensive background in machinery manufacturing enabled us to get where we are.

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