Jordi Jiménez: “We have the capabilities to offer complete solutions”.

The Catalan company Ejematic takes advantage of its wide experience in the continuous band sector to continue innovating and offering tailor-made solutions for Flexible Packaging to the needs of its customers.

Ejematic is a company that specialised in the manufacture of expandable pneumatic shafts for fixing coils, designed especially for flexible packaging, in the packaging sector. It also has customers in other sectors, such as the textile industry or the converting or graphic arts industry. Their extensive experience in dealing with continuous band machinery gives them an advantage over the competition, as this knowledge allows them to discover and solve a series of problems that they have mastered perfectly over the years. 

“Once we detect these problems, we have the capability to offer complete solutions”, emphasises Jordi Jiménez, CEO of Ejematic. Ejematic’s employees know the production needs in detail, so they can offer customised solutions adapted to the customer’s needs.

Fruit of historical experience

Ejematic initially started as a small manufacturer of expandable shafts oriented to serve what they knew best: continuous belt machinery. Shortly afterwards, it specialised in the food and pharmaceutical sector, focusing on the machinery manufacturer and flexible packaging sector. 

To this aim, Ejematic has participated in key events in the sector, such as Hispack, in 2015 and 2018, where it has presented its most outstanding proposals in the packaging sector, such as the expandable shafts with double independent air circuit, which ensure greater safety and solvency by preventing total air leakage, or the axial displacement locking system, a mechanism that reduces the possibility of misalignment, caused by the inertia in the shafts that have a continuous belt adjustment option.  

“We have put it all together to create a company capable of using everything we have learned in both directions, and getting the most out of our experience to the satisfaction of our customers,” explains Mr Jiménez. To this end, Ejematic pays special attention to the personalisation of its products: each of its expandable shafts includes a QR code that identifies each product easily – it is only necessary to scan it with a mobile phone – facilitating the management of spare parts by both the end-user and the OEM.

Looking ahead to the future

As part of these solutions, the Catalan company has launched a tension control system for both horizontal and vertical unwinders. This system consists of safety support that holds the expandable shafts and an electronically controlled electric brake to maintain a regulated tension at all times. 

In addition to the manufacture of expandable shafts, Ejematic has expanded its range of activities to include the machining and assembly of machinery groups, both its customers’ and its own auxiliary machinery, in order to implement them in its customers’ production lines. “Last month we expanded our capacity with the incorporation of a very complete machining centre to improve the quality of the components we manufacture,” explains Jiménez. Being able to offer a good mechanical service is one of the key points of our strategy.

Without a single doubt, R&D is Ejematic’s differential bet, and it involves investment in engineering to create a good product base and, thereafter, to give free scope to its capacity to create solutions, as complete as possible, in order to offer the best quality service to its machinery manufacturing customers. “It is a time of change, in which we must focus on strengthening what we already have, without forgetting where we are heading”, concludes Jordi Jiménez.


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