About Us

At Ejematic we are exclusively specialised in manufacturing high-quality pneumatic expanding shafts

Our extensive experience manufacturing special machinery for the graphic arts industry and our strong client relationships, has allowed us to gain the required know-how to be able to understand all specific industry and machine needs. 

Our main objective is to optimise our business structure so we can continue offering an impeccable product quality and service.

We started producing shafts for our own machines and we gradually began to supply to other enterprises. We deeply understand the characteristics of reel machinery, as well as the manufacturer and the end-client needs.

When we officially launched in 2012, we were already specialised in the design and manufacture of pneumatic expanding shafts. We produce high-quality products that accommodate the productivity requirements for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical packaging, printing and textile industry.

We work with light-weight and long-lasting materials, and we always innovate to incorporate new functionalities that facilitate our clients’ day to day use.